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Ruby-x! 1st Grand Giveaway “Show your passion”

Welcome, our crypto & fund enthusiasts, to our Ruby-x Grand Giveaway!
Today, there are a great number of cryptocurrency exchanges that are willing to promote themselves with free tokens or maybe some free giveaways.
This time, however, we are bringing our giveaway event to a whole new level. Ruby-x is giving out prizes that are much bigger and much more attractive than anything you would have heard before – a MOBILE HOUSE!. On top of that, Ruby-x has prepared many more prizes and awards for our winners, including an opportunity to become Ruby fund-crypto managers.
Ruby-x, as a newly rising exchange platform, is launching a Grand Giveaway event and any participant may join the event within the following conditions.
Join us and become the top trader of cryptocurrency or fund with the top most absolute gain(Growth)!

Important Dates

Ruby-x Beta Platform Open : 10 August 2018
1st Competition Duration(Beta service) : 17 August (00:00 GMT) – 14 September (23:59 GMT)
2nd Competition Duration(Official service) : 20 September (00:00 GMT) – 20 October (23:59 GMT)

**Winner Announcement and prize distribution: **
1st Competition : 20 September
2nd Competition : 14 November

1st Competition Prizes

**Top 100 winners with maximum absolute gain(Growth) will get… **
1st place  —  $2,000 worth USDT
2nd ~ 5th place  —  $1,000 worth USDT
6th ~ 10th place  —  $800 worth USDT
11th ~ 30th place  — $500 worth USDT
31st ~ 50th place  —  $300 worth USDT
51th ~ 100th place  —  $200 worth USDT

2nd Competition Prizes

**Top 10 winners with maximum absolute gain(Growth) will get… **
1st place  —   $27,000worth mobile house AND $8,000 worth gift card
2nd place  —   $27,000 worth mobile house AND $3,000 worth gift card
**3rd place ** —  $27,000 worth mobile house
4th place  —  $10,000 worth gift card AND $5,000 worth USDT
5th place  —  $8,000 worth gift card AND $3,000 worth USDT
6th place  —  $5,000 worth USDT
7th place  —  $4,000 worth USDT
8th place  —  $3,000 worth USDT
9th place  —  $2,000 worth USDT
10th place  —  $1,000 worth USDT

Plus! You will get…

The winners will gain an opportunity to make a PARTNERSHIP with Ruby-x. Being our partner means that you will become our fund manager for Ruby-x Exchange! Other users could join those fund managers! and discuss! With all your tips and suggestions for maximizing profits in trading, you can become a part of Ruby-x.

How to join Ruby-x Trading Competition

  • Register on Ruby-x official website.
  • Apply the competition & Complete KYC(After 3rd Aug).
  • Make sure you receive FREE 100,000 USDT from Ruby-x
  • Set your goals and begin!

Ruby Trading Competition T&Cs

Eligibility for Participation

  • This event is opened to all users of Ruby Exchange.
  • Participants must be 18 or older.
  • Participants must register themselves on and complete KYC before starting the contest.
  • Only one trading account is allowed per person.

Competition Rules

  • Users can enter the competition anytime during the 1st and 2nd trading competition.
  • Users can trade all listed funds and cryptocurrencies.
  • The winners are drawn based on their total growth, not total profit amounts.
  • Each competition for the 1st competition account should have the same trading conditions.(Except duration. It depends on the date you jump in)
  • Each participant for the 1st competition will be granted 100,000USDT for demo notional deposit.
  • Each participant for the 2nd competition should trade with USDT given from the 1st competition.
  • All profits rate and absolute gains will be calculated in USDT.
  • On the last day of the 1st competition, all open orders will automatically be closed at the current USDT rate and be calculated the total growth.
  • On the last day of the 2nd competition, all open orders will automatically be automatically calculated at the closing time’s USDT rate.
  • All winners must have traded minimum 2,000,000 USDT.
  • Winners who won 1st ~ 10th places from the 2nd round of competition must have traded minimum 5,000,000 USDT.
  • All USDT prizes will be distributed to the winner’s live accounts.
  • All provided USDT(Prizes) can be withdrawn, only after the account owner has traded more than 100 times of each prize.
  • Results of the competition will be open to the public within a month from the end of the competition, and only after all checking procedures are completed.
  • Each participant must be able to open an account with Ruby-x, to receive the prize. Such account will be governed by the Terms and Conditions of for the account registration.
  • If the winner is unable to receive a physical prize due to any geographical or legal issue, or the winner is willing to receive the prize in equivalent value of USDT, the prize can be made in USDT.
  • Using multiple accounts or providing fake information while registration is prohibited, and this can lead to disqualification by Ruby’s Compliance Team.
  • “The Company” has the right to reject or disqualify anyone engaged in any fraudulent activity or unfair trading practices to manipulate the outcome of the competition.
  • This competition is not addressed to residents and citizens of USA, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Burma, Eritrea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as people from these countries are not able to open live accounts from “the company” according to the firm policy, and account from these countries will be disqualified.
  • By participating in this trading competition, all participants confirm that they have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions and that they agree to abide by these rules.
  • The Company has the right to declare any prize given as invalid and is subject to cancellation of the award, when any direct or indirect evidence of fraudulent attempts with the prize funds are identified.
  • If considered necessary, the type of coin selected for the reward distribution may change.
  • There may be a fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market price during the competition period.
  • Winners may need to provide their personal information for the reward payment. When disagreed or not submitted, any reward may be cancelled.
  • Note that 22% tax from the total amount of the rewards will be deducted.
  • Note that depending on the tax regulations of the winner’s country, the tax rate may differ.
  • If considered necessary, the date for the winner announcement and the reward payment may change.
  • All participants may apply for other ongoing events from Ruby Exchange at the same time.
  • If considered necessary, the event rules could be slightly changed or updated with notifications to participants.
  • There is no policies on presenting the awards or winning careers to any public channel.